Hi, I’m Jack

Hi there dog lovers and welcome to About Dogs Online, an online resources dedicated to gathering and sharing information about dogs. My name is Derrek Sinclair and I’m a licensed veterinarian from California, and an avid dog lover. I plan to use About Dogs Online as my personal sounding board for advice about how to properly take care of dogs, how to make them more obedient, how to play with them, and how to help them when they are sick. I’ve had dogs for as long as I can remember, because my parents are also avid dog lovers. Dogs aren’t my only love though. In my spare time I like to go down to the park, for a walk with my dog, but also to fly my racing drones (check them out, they are pretty cool) or alternatively I bring my kite or RC controlled boat and enjoy riding it in the pond. Basically I’m a huge tech nerd who loves animals and who is a veterinarian, 🙂 .

Dogs are mans’ best friend

Making the title of this paragraph might seem a bit cheesy, but you can’t deny that a dog makes for a great companion, who will stay close to you no matter what. Growing up I’ve had a golden retriever, Goldie, who was my best friend up until she got sick and we had to put her down. This happened when I was a sophomore in high school. I was crushed that day, and it wasn’t until my senior year in high school that we got our second dog as a family, a corgie named Jack, who is actually laying beside my desk, snoring, as I’m typing this.

My brother with our Goldie

My fiance also has a dog, a beagle named Bugsy. The 4 of us make one happy family that I wouldn’t change for the world. My fiance Ellen and I support each other in our other hobbies as well. She comes to see me on my drone racing cups, where she takes care of the dogs, and I have her back during her running competitions. She’s an amateur runner, beside being a dental technician.

What will About Dogs Online be all about?

Well thank you for asking. This website is basically a mix of a blog, a web portal and an encyclopedia that I will use to talk all things dogs. There are many different breeds of dogs out there and each of them has it advantage and disadvantages. Many people don’t know how to pick the correct dog breed, because each of them has it upsides and downsides. Sometimes a dog will start doing something that it doesn’t normally do, like for example suddenly collapse and start seizing. A lot of people aren’t aware that dogs can get epilepsy too, and are very surprised once that their dog start seizing.

Why should I listen to you, what do you know?

Well you don’t have to listen to me, this is a free country, and nobody is forcing you to read my website 🙂 . But next to just loving dogs, I’m also a licensed veterinarian, so if you need your dog blogger to be properly educated, then you’re in luck, I am actually educated and trained in the topics that I’m going to be discussing. It’s not just that I decided one day that I’m knowledgeable on the topic of dogs because I had them my entire life, 🙂 .

One thing that you can criticize me on is the fact that I only have about 3 years of experience working as a veterinarian for small animals. But since the service where I work is very busy, unfortunately, I think that these 3 years should be more than enough. Besides, I would never give out false information about something as serious as dogs. They are too important to me in order to do that.

Dog owner resources

Next to my website, which I’m sure will be a huge help for you, there a many other web page that I’ve used in the past, when I wasn’t a veterinarian, before when I was just a dog owner. Here’s top 5 of mine, which I can recommend to any dog owner who is looking to learn about the basics of dog ownership.


BringFido.com is a website that helps you find hotels, motels and even vacation rentals at places like AirBnB where dogs are allowed. All that you have to do is visit the website and type in the name of the city that you are trying to visit. Website is going to come back with a list of local accommodation where you can bring your dog. In face, it even provides useful info for example does the place have a pet fee, are large dogs allowed or if you can bring 2 or more pets.


Rover.com is another website that I have used on multiple occasions. It comes in handy if you end up not being able to bring your dog with you on a trip, and you don’t have anyone to watch him/her while you’re away. Rover is a pet sitting aggregate that will list all the pet sitters near your location, that take in dogs and take care of them while you’re away. Just go to the website, type in your location and Rover will come back with the list of pet sitters that will take your dog and care of it while you’re traveling. All pet sitters are reviewed by the Rover website, plus you can meet with the pet sitter and check them out before leaving your dog there. It’s very useful.


PrideBites is a website that sells personalized pet products. They have everything from doggie apparel to beds for sleeping. You can find various toys, collars, placemats, anything and everything doggie related, PrideBites has it. Plus, they will personalize the items you buy by adding your dogs image and name. Very cool.


Have you ever heard about LootBox? It’s a website for nerds that you subscribe to and each month they send you things like comics, action figures, posters, various collectibles, etc. It’s a website that a person who is owns a fast racing drone will probably understand, because they are subscribed to it. Well BarkBox.com is the same website, only for dogs. You can subscribe for about $20 monthly and you good boy will receive a box of treats like dog food, toys, small treats, etc. If you want to spoil your dog, this is how you do it.


I just realized that I haven’t posted any websites that actually talks about dog health, so as my last pick I choose VetStreet.com. On VetStreet you’ll find a large number of articles that teach you how to take care about your pets, not just dogs. They cover disseases, proper care for various pet species, like snakes, they give dog breed specific advice, etc. Currently it’s tick season, so they have a huge expose on what kind of diseases dogs can get from ticks. Check them out and at the very least read the articles in their dog health category to find out in proper time that your doggo is sick.

Enjoy my website

List of useful websites was just a small sampling of the kind of interesting content that I’m planning on posting here on the website. I hope you like it and that you come back often. See ya.