Are mutts healthier than purebreeds?

Among dog lovers there is an ongoing debate on whether or not mutts are healthier than purebreeds. There is actually a good reason why some people think that mutts, or crossbreeds are considered more healthy, and it has to do with genetics and predispositions of certain purebreeds to a whole heap of illnesses.

Are mutts healthier than purebreeds?

Purebreeds are dogs which have been breed to have a certain physical or psychological characteristic. It can either be that the dog has a short snout, in case of the various bulldog breeds, or the breeders might have aimed to create a calm guard dog, in case of doberman. A large number of purebreeds come with some drawback.

In case of the aforementioned French bulldogs, their short snouts have been known to cause them breathing problems. Dobermans for example have been known to have heart problems. German Shepherds have problems with hip dysplasia. Crossbreeds have a lot less of these breed specific health problems. That’s why many crossbreeds, or mutts as you would call them, indeed are healthier than purebreed dogs.

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