Basenji – the dog breed that doesn’t bark

Title of this article might be a bit misleading, clickbaity even, but Basenji really are a dog breed that doesn’t bark, at least not in the traditional sense. They still make noise, they just don’t bark. If you thought you might have found a loophole to neighbours with extremely short fuses who don’t like to hear a single peep from a dog. Still, they are considered great city dogs, because they are quitier than most dogs, they just aren’t completely quite.

Basenji – the dog breed that doesn’t bark

So what is it with Basenji and barking, what am I talking about exactly. Well, this dog breed have a unique shape of the larynx which doesn’t allow them to make short noises that we call barking. Instead of barking, Basenji will basically howl, something similar to what a wolf or a coyote might do.

Checkout the Basenji howl at 0:50 mark of the video above. Their howl is also called a yodel, or a baroo. The video above is a great review of the Basenji dog breed, made by Animal Plant. Basenji are a great city dog, small, very clean and they can be trained. A very interesting dog breed. Wouldn’t you agree?

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