Basic training – what every dog shelter should be doing

A lot of people are hesitant when it comes to adopting adult dogs from shelters, and I sort of get what that is. For most dogs in shelters it’s difficult to know what kind of past they’ve had. They could have gone through hell which made them unstable. That’s I think that every dog shelter should have a basic training program, something like “Dog Whisperer”. I know it’s a pipe dream for many shelters due to funding, but it’s something that we should think about adding as a standard practice.

Basic training – what every dog shelter should be doing

I’ve personally never adopted an adult dog, but I’ve had friends who have and none of them have had any problems with their adopted puppies. However, I did read what kind of problems people have had with dogs who seem normal at first, but then snap when they are either around food, or when playing with other dogs, or some other factor comes into play that triggers them into an angry fit.

That’s why I think that dog shelters should test, evaluate and do some basic training for the adult dogs that they give out for adoption. I know that dog shelters are underfunded without this additional cost, but we can help make this a reality with fund raising events, platforms like GoFundMe, etc. Your local shelter maybe already has this, but if it doesn’t, ask them to incorporate it. It will help adoption, if people know that dogs have had at least some basic training before they take them home. What do you think, is this a good idea?

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