Dog adoption myths – all dogs in shelters are mutts

I thought I would today continue dispelling some of the myths around dog adoption and talk about one of the most common excuses to adopting a dog from the shelter, the “fact” that they are all mutts. Not sure how this rumor started, but it has become very popular way of shunning adopting rescue dogs because people prefer purebreeds. In reality, shelters are packed with purebreed dogs that you can adopt.

Dog adoption myths – all dogs in shelters are mutts

Data from the The Humane Society shows that out of all the dogs in animal shelters across the namtion around 25% of them are purebreed dogs. So the chances of you finding a purebreed dog that you can adopt in your local shelter are pretty good. However, what you might have problems with are finding the breed that you want to adopt.

In that case, if you want to adopt a corgi, for example, but they are not available in your local shelter, then you will need to buy a puppy, instead of adopt a rescue. Alternatively, you could lookup craigslist for adult purebreeds who are being sold or given away to a good family. To sum up, don’t give up on shelters just because you are looking for a purebreed. Ask around, they do have them.

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