Who am I

Well I already shared a short bio on several places here, but why not give another detailed account on who exactly am I. My name is Derrek Sinclair, and I’m a 29 year of veterinarian from California, San Fernando valley to be more precise. I’ve been a dog lover ever since I was a small kid, because my parents had dogs before they had me. I grew up loving dogs and all the animals, which is what prompted me wanting to become a veterinarian. I finished college back in 2013 and after a short stint as an intern I landed my current job in a small veterinary service for small animals.

Growing up I had a dog, a golden retriever named Goldie (very original I know) and after she passed, my family got me my current dog, Jack, who is a cute little corgie pup. Now that I’m living with my fiance, he also has a friend, a beagle named Buggsy. Over the years that I’ve been working as a veterinarian I’ve gathered a lot of experience and I’ve also gathered a lot of experience while being a dog owner, so I thought I would start a blog and share my ideas, tips and guides on how to care for dogs. I know it’s very 2005 to start a blog, but hey, I’m not very good at doing whatever it is that kids are doing on the web these days, social media? What is that? I hope you find something useful here and that you get in touch. Oh, my picture is to the right, picture above is my corgie, Jack.